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Anonymous said: But don't support an other parts of business? See if it said white business everyone would be pissed but since you're black you get a pass. I'll never understand the reveres rolls, even as a POC I'll never understand why black people continue to hold chips on their shoulders but still find time to solidify dangerous stereotypes

By default “business” as we know it and North American economics are white. A white consumer base steeped in white capitalism perpetuated by white commercialism and comfort in mind. Blacks are not white; thusly black businesses differentiate their market needs for Black people and need the Black dollar to support their sustainability. Everyday we support white business, white business doesn’t need anymore help. Even now I’m typing on a Dell (white owned), posting on Tumblr (a subsidiary of the white owned Yahoo!) in my college sweatshirt (a Predominately White Institution). BOOSTING Black financial interdependence and a cooperative black economy is not about “a chip” its about survival outside of the White market and tangibly supporting a Black union so that Black businesses and their owners might see widespread prosperity.

What stereotype are you talking about? What pass am I getting for being Black? Especially as a Black American woman? What reverse role? You’re not even making sense. I hope the White Supremacist power structure loves you back since you’re running to its defense.

Don’t you never, ever in your life come for me, my community, or talk down in my inbox about the empowerment of the Black economy.

God put the breaks on my ass with this virus, but it’s been a nice vacation so far.

In history class...

Tyler Perry Donates Thousands to Atlanta Homeless Shelter


Tyler Perry Donates Thousands to Atlanta Homeless Shelter

Tyler Perry – Tyler Perry donates $45,000 to Young People Matter an Atlanta, homeless shelter.

Actor, director, executive producer, writer, and entrepreneur Tyler Perry made a $45,000 donation to Young People Matter, according to reports.

Young People Matter isan Atlanta youth shelter for young girls younger than 8, was on the verge of closing but, Tyler Perry stepped in to save the day.


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